Neelam Dutta  |  Proprietor

Organic Farmer, Trainer, Social Worker, Wildlife Activist, Entrepreneur, Recipient of many Regional and National Awards. 

Lakshmi Agriculture Multipurpose Project (LAMP) has been in existence since 1978-79 and has grown over the years to a 14 Ha farm with 19 permanent and 7 casual workers. Its current areas of operation are Fish culture, Paddy Cultivation, Vermicompost, Horticulture, Floriculture, Duckery, Dairy, Apiculture, Training & Consulting etc all of which are self-sustaining, growing and commercially profitable. It is owned and managed by Mr. Neelam Dutta, S/O Late Dr. Hemen Dutta, Pabhoi, Biswanath, Assam.

An indicative timeline of the developments in the Farm activities is as follows:

1978-79: Inception and Scientific Farming Commenced
The late 1980s
: Chinese Hatcheries Started
2001-2002: Start of Vermicompost Operations
2003-2004: Organic Farming Commences
2004-2005: Commercialization of Vermi. Parallel development in Earthworm selling
2005-2011: Adjoining land acquired on lease for Fisheries
2002-2011: Number of Employees grow from 6 to 24
2005: Duckery Started. 
Dairy: 19 Cows. (6 Milking, others for labor)
Setting up of Rice Mill for value addition
Mushroom Cultivation
Commercial Horticulture in small scale
Tie-up with Assam Agricultural University for production of Organic Seeds, 2017

In addition, the Farm has been imparting training to farmers, NGOs and agriculture students from time to time.

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What We Offer

Organic Manure, Vermicompost
Fish, Fish Seedlings
Organic Seeds

Organic Vegetables 

Organic Indigenous Rice 



​Many Others