The newest and pioneering venture of Pabhoi Greens is the production and commercialization of Organic Heirloom seeds. 

We currently produce Vegetable seeds like Tomato(15 exotic varieties). Capsicum, Beans, Lettuce 

The seeds are available at our online store as well as major online retailers in India. They are also available through major retailers in North East India. We also export seeds.

For details please see the page on Organic Seeds. 

LAMP has been commercially rearing and producing Fish and Fry for three decades. It currently has 22 ponds covering a total land area of 6 Ha for fish cultivation with an annual capacity of 100 quintals and 2 million fish seedlings as well as 1 lakh fry per annum.

Seedlings and Fry from our farm have been the delight of fish farmers far and wide. Constant research on ground has enabled us increase the quality of our produce over the years.

LAMP has been commercially producing Vermi and worms since 2001-2002. It currently has a production capacity of 250 MT of Vermi per year.

Commercial Worms are produced and Sold on order.

Our Vermicompost is of the highest quality, is odorless and has brought delight to customers consistently. 

For Bulk purchase, please see our contacts page, or make a request through message or enquiry on our Facebook Page.